According to Paladin Staffing, Brand Managers are responsible for the following:

Brand managers are responsible for ensuring that the products, services and product lines that fall under their domain resonate with current and potential customers.

what does a branding manager do?

These professionals continuously monitor marketing trends and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace. They also regularly meet with clients and senior management, and they oversee a team of junior marketers.

Brand managers serve as the point-person for developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives and activities for their particular brand. These initiatives and activities include campaigns (print, web, social media, broadcast, etc.), events, corporate responsibility programs and sponsorships.

Brand Managers are responsible for more than executing marketing campaigns; they are also in charge of managing and developing P&L and driving market growth. Strong analytical skills, business savvy and the ability to multitask are all essential.


In the long term view, Branding sets up a business to be remembered. The right branding allows the customer to have an experience that is memorable and worthy of calling back. The last time I got my carpets cleaned, the guys who did the work were so pleasant and professional that I made it a point to remember the company they were with. 

I also remembered that they pulled up in a bright red van. When I went searching for the company online to schedule my next cleaning, I ran across a website that had the same bright red van on the front page….and I knew I was in the right place. 


I can be a little impatient when it comes seeing results with any business. I often have to remind myself that some marketing strategies mus be planned, tested, and launched meticulously. In order to combat that impatience, working on aspects of the business that deliver short term results can provide some relief. 


  • One of the first and most fun short term branding wins is to rededicate your social media pages for optimizing engagement. Have you ever visited an IG page or Facebook that’s just pretty to look at? That’s a short term win and very easy for branding managers to do.
  • Another short term branding win is to find a local event and plan to be there with freebies, information, or food always works. People love free (good) food. It could be as easy as cooking up a crockpot of chilli and handing out grab bags with a hot bowl for following you on Facebook and signing up for your email list. 
  • Make a video and post it to Youtube! Videos are the #1 way to get in front of mobile eyes! But not just any video. A funny, simple, eye catching professional video under 3 minutes works best. Branding managers review and analyze tracking results for videos and learn what customers are clicking on before production starts! 


Adulting these days is pretty hard work. We have what seems like a thousand passwords to remember (I use my iphone to help) and hundreds of apps we use to organize our business lives. Banking, blogging, email returning, accounting, etc. It’s no wonder so many businesses unfortunately sink. That’s a lot to keep up with and I didn’t even include family obligations. 

Effective branding for your business is a broad umbrella that covers so many topics for success. From SEO, web design & blogging, to community relations, advertising, accounting, and workplace morale. It’s all covered under the branding part of what I love to do! 

Does your business need a boost? Are you short on time to market your business? Contact me and let’s get a plan going so that you can begin to see results right away. 


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