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Over Java Design is company based out of the beautiful Florida Panhandle and started by Nicole Mae, Owner & Creative Director. The idea has always been to provide affordable marketing services to local businesses.

Diving deep into the needs of local business owners, we noticed a need for something that was just as important to the success formula we were providing…..to assist our beloved seniors with the technology they need in order to maintain valuable communication with their families. 

We offer stress-free, low cost classes to enrich the lives of those we love but can’t always be there for. 


Businesses wouldn’t be possible without the care from elders who raised us to dream big.


♦ Connecting with older Americans using technology can make the difference between an enriched or lonely life. 

♦ Tech savvy seniors are fundamentally happier when they’re able to operate their devices in order to communicate with family and friends. 

♦ Tech savvy seniors are using Facebook to locate long lost friends. 

♦ Healthy seniors want to travel more!

♦ Having a digital confidence helps all of us feel more comfortable accessing content online.

Over Java Services Include But Not Limited To:

Basics Behind Good Apps & Bad Apps

Social Media Basics For Seniors

Technology Basics

Types of Computers

List of Things You Can Do On A Computer

How To Find Classes On A Computer

How To Book A Flight Online

How To Use Skype, FaceTime, and Video Calling 

How To Speed Up Your Phone (The easy version)

How To Job Search Online After 50+

New Phone Setup & Support

Apple Device Segmented Instruction & Ongoing Support

Email Setup, Instruction, & Ongoing Support

Cable Troubleshooting, Remote Help, Programming Instruction

Internet Troubleshooting & Instruction

PC Virus Scan & Instruction

Tablet Setup  & Instruction

Over Java Technical Partners offer specialized services online, in-home, and at central workshops. Training is open to all. 



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